The Brief.

The Brand wanted to launch a very commercial campaign to encourage the sales.

The Solution.

We created a “Renewal Plan” which means that the buyer received financial aid if he exchanged his old mattress for a new one; as is usually done with other sectors such as automobiles.

And we communicated it as a renewal of your dreams, under the idea of everything that happens in your bed, stays in your bed. And therefore, a renewal of bed could be a kind of catharsis in which you renew your dreams.

Pieces: TV, print and a live event and open to the public.

Live painting action on old mattresses.

For this special event we invited 5 artists

to translate their worst dreams on an old mattress. The event was open to the public, so they could enter and experience a live performance.

Later on, the painted mattress would travel to different Flex brand stores all over Spain, to finally be destroyed by way of renewal. The event had great repercussions in the media.

For TV we shot a commercial that was on air subsequent to the artist’s event.

The spot is a farewell history, a farewell from someone who sees off all the bad things that are taking away the dreams… politicians, banks, the rates of inflation.


Likewise, in print, we turn to the image of someone who gets rid of recurring dreams. Those which coexisted with the time you had your mattress and therefore probably are out of date.

Customizer App.

Choosing a mattress can be a nightmare.

So many materials and types. We thought that it was about time that it became something simple and even fun. We created this interactive customizer application you could find at the Flex website, but also on

a touch screen at every store. The result of your choices was even sent to your cell phone, in case you wanted to purchase your mattress later.

Web. Interactive Clock.

One out of every 4 Spaniards sleeps on

a Flex bed, that means that every second

of the day, there are thousands of people making love, reading, resting, or doing whatever on one of our mattresses. We created a beautiful interactive clock that you might enjoy playing with, finding out how many people were doing what at

a certain time of the day